Testimonials, Gunnar Fisher Dentistry

My mouth was a mess. When my brother, a local dentist, realized the complexity of my case, he recommended only one dentist to treat me---Dr. Fisher. As a singer, everything had to be more precise so my voice would not change. Dr. Fisher did an absolutely wonderful job.   — Norman S.

I have been Dr. Fisher's patient for over 20 years. I have a phobia of the dentist and every person in that office goes above and beyond to make my visits as comfortable as possible. The staff is extremely friendly, accommodating and professional. Dr. Fisher explains everything in detail so I can understand about all the procedures and offers alternatives when possible. It feels like you are part of a little family when you go into the office.   — Dale M.

Dr. Fisher nursed my older dental work along for 12 years until I could afford better treatment. He was very patient and never tried to convince me to rush my decision.   — Jim R.

Dr. Fisher is very accommodating! He goes out of his way to explain things to me in layman's terms so I understand exactly what is going on throughout the procedure. He takes the extra time necessary to make sure I get everything I need and all of my questions are answered.   — Jim P.

I have been going to Dr. Fisher for 2 years and love the experience! My overall comfort level is always good, and Dr. Fisher will make sure to take his time with me every single appointment I have with him. I never feel rushed or left unsatisfied.   — Andrew M.

Dr. Fisher has been my dentist for 28 years and I would not go anywhere else. He honors all appointments, is courteous, knows me by name, and makes me feel as comfortable as possible. I could not speak more highly of a person and dentist.   — Jeff M.

Dr. Fisher is amazing. He puts himself in the patients shoes and then proceeds accordingly which leaves me always feeling comfortable throughout the entire process.   — Mark F.

#1 DENTIST! Dr. Fisher is the best Dentist in the Timonium, MD, area! I have only the best to say.
  — Louise D.

I recommend Gunnar Fisher Dentistry to everyone I know. Dr. Fisher is the most competent and skilled dental professional I've ever seen. Everything is grade A at this practice. From the moment you walk in to check out, your time is not wasted. I haven't encountered anything less than caring intelligent professionals here.   — Frank C.

What I like most about Gunnar Fisher Dentistry is the professionalism of Dr. Fisher and the friendliness of the staff. I never have to wait for my appointment to begin and the staff makes sure you're comfortable. My entire family goes to Gunnar Fisher Dentistry now.   — William M.

At Gunnar Fisher Dentistry the staff makes your comfort a priority. The doctor is very easy going and humane. They do a great job at this office from start to finish. In my opinion, everyone in the Timonium area should go to him.   — Gary Q.

Gunnar Fisher Dentistry is top notch. It took me a while to find a dentist that worked for me to be honest. Heather makes sure your check in process goes smoothly and you do not have to wait. The office is comfortable. The staff is the best there is, they are professional, organized and genuinely nice people.   — Scott P.

Everyone at Gunnar Fisher Dentistry is exceptional, from Dr. Fisher to the hygienist to the receptionist. They are as friendly as can be. I like when you're in the dentist's chair they provide you with earphones to listen to music instead of the drill. It's as nice of an experience that you can have going to the dentist.   — Rob G.

I would give Gunnar Fisher Dentistry the highest mark possible in any situation. The staff truly are good people. I always recommend them to people searching for a new family dentist.   — Raymond G.

I have been a patient of Gunnar Fisher Dentistry in Timonium, Maryland, for over 28 years. He does a good job getting me in on the appointment time and he makes me feel comfortable by knowing more than just my name. He seems to put himself in his patients shoes and proceeds accordingly, the way he would like a dentist to treat him. The staff are both courteous and friendly and I have had a very positive experience at Gunnar Fisher Dentistry.   — Tom B.

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